Cut Costs

  • Using Pro-Med Consultants can provide you with the most return on your investment. Most physicians that have in-house medical billing, incur high costs for personnel and software while collecting a lower percentage of claims. By using Pro-Med Consultants, you won’t have to hire and train specialized staff or carry added overhead expenses that come with full-time employees

Dedicated Account Management- No Call Centers

  • Your account is assigned an account manager who is dedicated to your practice’s billing.
  • She or He is based out of New Jersey and will answer all billing questions that either you or your patients may have.
  • Pro-Med does not outsource billing
  • Our staff is highly trained in all aspects of medical billing, HIPPA, and Medicare. We are aware and up to date with all changes and legal regulations.

Quality Control

  • We run weekly and monthly reports on all accounts so that we keep track of our performance and your practices’ billing margins.
  • By running these reports, we are able to see claims that have rejected, claims that have been paid, claims that are being denied for additional documentation or claims that have been paid by insurance and now the balance is “patient responsibility”.
  • We are able to track all claims with our software’s reporting system from submission to full payment and ensure we are meeting our performance goals.
  • Pro-Med Consultants processes and collects on claims in an average of 30 days which will result in faster cash flow to you.


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